Student Tours

Our sister company, Burnett Transit, started transporting students to school in 1954. Virtually everyone at Progressive Travel has experience in the school bus industry - so we understand working with students. We know how important travel can be for students. We have watched students have that “a-ha” moment, the epiphany that happens when they see something with their own eyes and it leaves an impression on them that will last a lifetime.

We take very seriously our responsibility when arranging tours for students. In some cases, the tour that the student participates in may be the only significant travel experience in their life. We will make sure that theirs is truly a memorable experience. We plan our tours using attractions, restaurants and hotels that offer the right combination of value and quality. Our staff - from the people planning the tours to the motor coach operator and tour directors operating the tours - knows how to relate to students. Your experience with us will NEVER include the grumpy driver who is overworked, tired and doesn’t like kids! That experience is reserved for our competition!

Half the fun is getting there! With Progressive Travel that is true! We are the ONLY motor coach company in Wisconsin that offers the “Sanity Saver” state-of-the-art entertainment package in every coach we own! Click here to save your sanity when traveling with students.

Not sure which tour operator you should use for your tour? Click here for a few suggestions on what to look for to ensure that you have a positive experience!