Miles of Smiles Tour Directors and Chaperones

The tours we operate for developmentally disabled adults would not be possible without our extremely capable Tour Directors and Tour Chaperones. These are the dedicated, kind and caring people who look after each one of our clients while they are traveling with us.

Tour Directors
Each Miles of Smiles tour operated by Progressive Travel will have a Tour Director on board to ensure that everything operates smoothly throughout the tour. The Tour Director's main responsibility is to oversee all aspects of the tour, making sure every detail is attended to. Our Tour Directors are carefully chosen and only earn this position after being a very, very experienced Tour Chaperone.

Tour Chaperones
Chaperones are professional, kind individuals. They are carefully screened and fully understand the importance of their position. They are fully trained as a Tour Chaperone and must carry an updated CPR and Emergency Care certification. Our Tour Chaperones are volunteers; while they are not compensated, all of their travel expenses are paid for.

Our Tour Chaperones are present on every tour and work closely with each client to address all of their needs - including having fun throughout the tour! The number of clients assigned to each Tour Chaperone varies from tour to tour and is largely dependent upon the needs of each individual client. For clients who are high functioning, one chaperone may be assigned up to four people. The Tour Chaperone will assist each of their clients with playing games while onboard the motor coach, assisting them at various attractions, handling their money, checking into their hotel, taking medication, restroom needs and all other activities.

Do you want to be part of our team? Please contact us! We are always seraching for warm, kind and caring individuals to enrich the lives of cognitively challenged adults.