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Travel deluxe motorcoach, where it’s not just about the destination. Busloads of fun may include stops along the way, trip themes, or some bonus excitement on the bus. Serving Eau Claire, Menomonie, Chippewa Falls, Bloomer, and surrounding areas.

U.S. Government SAFER Website

Every motor carrier in the United States receives a rating by the U.S. government based on the inspections they are subjected to by various law enforcement agencies. These inspections are tabulated and from them the rating is derived. To learn more about Progressive Travel and our excellent safety record, we encourage you to visit the SAFER Government website. SAFER is an acronym that stands for Safety And Fitness Electronic Records System.

By clicking on this link it will take you to the SAFER website. Once you arrive there, type in our USDOT number which is 137552 to view our safety record.

The government has three ratings for motor carriers. The best rating possible is termed “Satisfactory”. That is the rating Progressive Travel has had since its inception in 1989. Companies who are experiencing difficulties are rated as “Conditional”. If you researched other motor coach companies in Wisconsin you will find companies who have “Conditional” ratings. For companies who have extreme issues, they are rated as “Unsatisfactory”. Those companies will likely be out of business within a short period of time after receiving that rating. Please contact us should you wish to know more information about the SAFER system.
USDOT number: 137552

United Motorcoach Association

Welcome to the home of the United Motorcoach Association. (UMA). UMA is comprised of more than 900 professional bus and motorcoach companies and more than 250 "associate" members, the suppliers, manufacturers, and travel partners who serve our dynamic industry.

American Bus Association

The American Bus Association serves a thriving industry that provides more than 600 million passenger trips annually on charters, tours, scheduled service and shuttles. Membership in ABA includes motorcoach operators, tour operators, tourism-related organizations, and products and service suppliers.

Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association

The Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association is a non-profit trade association representing the interests of truck and motor coach owners within the state of Wisconsin. The association has 1,150 members, ranging from independent contractors with one truck to companies with thousands of trucks. The WMCA is affiliated with the American Trucking Associations (ATA) in Washington and works with the ATA on federal issues.

Wisconsin School Bus Association

The Wisconsin School Bus Association is organized to:

  • Promote and encourage safety in school bus transportation in Wisconsin, including working with the Departments of Transportation and Public Instruction to further the safety of the Wisconsin School Bus Industry.

  • Develop a clear understanding between the operators of school buses and representatives of school boards, districts or other school and educational authorities (i.e. Department of Public Instruction).

  • Promote the general welfare of it’s members through and by such means as the Association shall determine from time to time.

  • Engage in any lawful business incidental to or of a similar nature to the foregoing, which may be deemed advisable to do and perform all of the lawful acts and tasks which may be deemed necessary or convenient to conduct the business of the WSBA.